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What is  SoulZen

     SoulZen speaks of profound tranquility and joy (Zen) that settle deep within (your Soul) and come from just existing, regardless of the storms that may swirl around you. In this state we find healing, happiness and true love. To attain SoulZen is to live in harmony with your "world" knowing you are free of to live, love and spread joy to others For Life.

How do I get there...

     I would like to say it is easy, and in a way it is simple, yet many will not consider it easy. There are no rules or rituals required to get there as each person's journey is unique to their experience. First you must consider all your cultural, religious, and personal beliefs to be open for enhancement. Without this openness, it can be difficult for you to bridge the distance between what you believe and what you are learning. Keep in mind that God never changes, we do. And when we open ourselves to a new level of power and energy that comes from God, we are then able to embrace our SoulZen .

     SoulZen does not discard any of your current philosophies yet rather enhances them to take you to the next level.  If you do not accept that God exists, you can still find harmony and balance that will empower you to reach greater heights through the Akashic Records. For those who carry God within them, your God is still your God. With this understanding, you are free to explore the limitless possibilities you hold within yourself. The idea of "Let go and let God" becomes, "I can do all things through God which gives me energy and power." To some that will be the God of their religious expression, and to others it will be a new experience, with a new Source of life and light. Whichever path of understanding you follow, all you need to do is open your heart, mind and soul to a depth of knowledge and understanding that is just waiting to illuminate your path through an Akashic Records reading. 

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