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What the Akashic Records can provide:

  • A clearer understanding of who you are

  • Healing from past traumas, known and unknown

  • Relief from physical, mental or emotional pain

  • Clarity about relationships, jobs, goals and life plans

  • Insights for future potential to become your greatest self

  • Spiritual advancement

Many ancient and current belief systems accept past life experiences and reincarnation as true . Many psychologists, psychics and meditation professionals practice past life regression to unlock hidden memories and past traumas that impact the emotional, psychological and physical health of clients. The Akashic Records hold more than just past life memories, they hold the key to your daily life, information about your future and can guide you to living out your highest potential. 

What is The Akash? In the Sanskrit language, Akash comes from the word Aakasha which has different meanings in different philosophies. To the ancient Hindu, Akash was the "ether" or "essence" of all things in the material world. In the metaphysical world, the Akash is an esoteric energy that stores all knowledge and potential in a non-physical plane. For the beginner, this may sound like just a scam to fill people's heads with ideas of grandeur in order to earn a buck and I certainly was skeptical when I first heard about it. What is all this "woowoo" stuff, I thought. Yet I couldn't ignore the spiritual draw I felt as I researched many of the philosophies which support the reality of the Akash and how I could transform my entire existence through meditation. 

So I joined a website dedicated to the wonders of the Akash and signed up for my first personal reading. And off I went...


In preparation for my reading I followed two guided meditations. During these meditations I identified two blocks in my emotional growth and experienced profound forgiveness for both myself and my mother. I had never experienced this level of emotional release and at the end of each meditation I saw the most beautiful white light that transmitted a deep sense of peace and love. I was an instant believer. My next step was my session in the Akashic Records with the Director of the website and by the end of that hour I knew I had found answers to questions I didn't even know I was asking. I had also found my life's proper path. After completing the 15-week intensive training course I began helping others find peace and love through the Akashic Records, transforming their understanding and vision. It's a wonderful feeling to see lives improve after just one hour in the Akash and I know I'm fulfilling my highest potential at the same time.

When you decide it's time to see what the Akash holds for you, send me an email to schedule a short Q&A session at no charge to chat about how SoulZen For Life can help transform your experience here in the now.

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